It’s The Little Things :)

Hey Dames!

Between the return of Project Runway and the September Issues arriving almost daily in the mailbox,. i am a happy Dame.  I have yet to go though all the wonderful pages of each of my magazines, nor am I up to date on my preset recordings of Project Runway.  However,just knowing that I have them waiting for me whenever i get a little dame time makes me smile. Only being a few episodes into Project Runway an I keep wondering the same thing at the end of every episode

“WHY IS AMANDA ON PROJECT RUNWAY?”Please Amanda fans hear me out. She has the skill and the know how, but NO STYLE, NO WOW FACTOR she should just make catalog clothes, I do not understand why she continues to stay while other designers way more deserving are sent home. I rarely disagree with Heidi and the gang but this is silly.  I m sorry Amanda you definitely have more talent than most but not enough for Heidi’s runway. What do you think? Is it just me?

Now, as far as As far as the pages of the thickest Issues of the year my wonderful September issues never let me down.  Each page so far is full of yummy new fashions. I usually save my Vogue for last.


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